Team Puli Space aims to send a self-developed spacecraft (rover) to the Moon in the framework of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. Within this project the Team offers to the public the service of Mother's Day Special Greeting. Puli Space relies on its service partners – payload transfer and launcher – for sending the rover and also Puli Mother's Day Greeting (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") to the Moon.


Space travel is inherently risky. Puli will do every reasonable efforts to deliver the Mother's Day Special greetings to the Moon, but assumes liability neither for performance of the payload, nor for the launch service provider. Puli reserves the right to postpone the performance of Puli Mother's Day Greeting service or permanently close the program, if considered necessary.

PDF Delivery

Generally within 12 hours; in any case Puli will make every effort to deliver the printable fine art version of the Service within 48 hours after payment.

Pricing and Payment

Payment is made through the internationally accepted PayPal electronic payment system, in one instalment of the indicated amount of money on the website of the "Service" (price of the "Service"). Puli reserves the right to change this price in its sole discretion.

Changing conditions

Puli reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions.


Customers of the "Service" accept these terms and that they are legally bound by it by clicking on the PayPal link.

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